Raspberry pi LCD Mount

Raspberry pi LCD Mount In this video I will show you how to mount 16×2 LCD on Raspberry pi.   LCD Pin To raspberry pi GPIO Connection: LCD PIN Connection to GPIO Pins Vss 1 Connect to Ground pin (6) Vcc 2 Conncet to 5V pin (2) Vee 3 Connect[…] Continue reading

Ettercap Dns Spoofing

In this Video I will show Ettercap Dns Spoofing. I have have used apache2 server.   Step 1: you need to install Ettercap if you haven’t installed it : sudo apt-get install ettercap-text-only Setup 2: Configure etter.conf Setup 3: Configure etter.dns (Watch the video for configuration) Setup 4: For Latest[…] Continue reading

Raspberry pi Controlling DC Motor

In this video i will show you how to Control DC Motor using Raspberry pi. Python Code to Control DC Motor: import sys import time import RPi.GPIO as gpio gpio.setwarnings(False) gpio.setmode(gpio.BOARD) gpio.setup(7,gpio.OUT) gpio.output(7,1) gpio.setup(8,gpio.OUT) gpio.setup(10,gpio.OUT) try: while True: gpio.output(8,1) gpio.output(10,0) time.sleep(5) gpio.output(8,0) gpio.output(10,1) time.sleep(5) gpio.output(8,0) gpio.output(10,0) time.sleep(3) except KeyboardInterrupt: gpio.cleanup()[…] Continue reading