Add Custom Keyboard Shortcut Key in Ubuntu

Add Custom Keyboard Shortcut Key in Ubuntu

The are some feature you use frequently, you need it often. so to make it easy to open we can create our own custom keyboard shortcut.
This article will show you how to Add Custom Keyboard Shortcut Key in Ubuntu.
Click on Dash ubuntu icon as show in pic, and type system setting. Open system Setting.


Now you can see Keyboard setting, open that.


you will see keyboard setting, click on shortcut tab, and then go to Custom Shortcuts.
Click on the “+ icon on the bottom”

Now we can add the custom keyboard shortcut key, give name to your custom shortcut key, and the command that will open the feature you want to open.
Here i want to open System monitor, so I given name system monitor and command gnome-system-monitor.
Then click on apply.


YOu have to click on disable to make it enable and apply ur combination of key, i have used here ctrl+alt+m, to open system monitor.
you are done, use your keyboard shortcut key to open feature.

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