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  2. Thanks for sharing cool tips. I’m newbie in Linux.
    I follow the step, then typing vi .bashrc, but my .bashrc just empty, not like yours with many lines.
    What i missed?

  3. I conceive you have mentioned some very interesting details , thankyou for the post.

  4. Great write-up, I am regular visitor of one

  5. Hey..actually i wud like to point out that some of ur tutorials are incomplete..in that tutorial where you brute force gmail account, you did not specify how to use the wordlist..i am a newbie so i didn’t quite understand it. Can you explain how do i use the wordlist for brute forcing?! I mean where to save it..and how to locate it using terminal etc.. Please keep on uploading great videos like these 😀

    • if You watch the video carefully,i Have mentioned about wordlist. you will notice ‘-P dict’. dict is the file name of wordlist . you can download wordlist or can make ur own :). Thansk for ur support.

  6. I created a small script to display random inspirational quote as welcome message 🙂


  7. Hi can i du this on windows 8? which is best suitable os to use or i use backtrack 5? also on the video to hack gmail i installed hdra and also cygwin for windows but hydra is not opening

  8. Hey Im A White Hat I Manly Make My Own Exploits With Python Or Ruby In Windows So Im New To Linux And That’s For The Sharing

    I need to hack my girlfriend fb’s password? so what to do? I am using kali linux 2016.1

  10. Thanks For Sharing this. it’s Awesome @Hackaholic_info

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