Bruteforce wordpress using wpscan

bruteforce wordpress using wpscan

Bruteforce wordpress using wpscan In this video I will show how you can brutefoce wordpress based website using wpscan. Note: this video is only for educational purpose. For any Illegal activity hackaholic will not be held responsible. Plz Share FacebookGoogle+LinkedinTwitteremailRedditTumblrDiggBufferPrintPinterestStumbleUponFlattr

Install Nvidia GPU drivers on Kali Linux

NVIDIA GPU Drivers on Kali Linux

Install Nvidia GPU drivers on Kali Linux First we need to make sure system is fully upgraded apt update && apt dist-upgrade -y && reboot Now will check GPU installed lspci -v Installation Once the system has rebooted, we will proceed to install the OpenCL ICD Loader, Drivers, and the[…] Continue reading

Linux Screen

Linux Screen Linux Screen allows you to: Use multiple shell windows from a single SSH session. Keep a shell active even through network disruptions. Disconnect and re-connect to a shell sessions from multiple locations. Run a long running process without maintaining an active shell session. Starting Linux Screen Screen is[…] Continue reading

Install Ubuntu in Virtualbox

Install Ubuntu in Virtualbox In this video i will show you how to install Ubuntu in Virtualbox. I have show all the steps to install ubuntu in Virtualbox. About Ubuntu: Ubuntu (originally /ʊˈbuːntʊ/ uu-BOON-tuu, according to the company website /ʊˈbʊntuː/ uu-BUUN-too) is a Debian-based Linux operating system, with Unity as[…] Continue reading

Reset Ubuntu and Kali Linux Password

Reset Ubuntu and Kali Linux Password Welcome To Hackaholic. In this video I will show you how to reset Ubuntu and Kali Linux Password. Watch the video I have shown all steps to reset the password. If you find any issue or problem , don’t forget to ask from Hackaholic[…] Continue reading

WordPress Installation On Ubuntu

  WordPress Installation On Ubuntu In This Video i am going to show you how to install WordPress on Ubuntu.   Summary of Installation: Watch full video for Details Download WordPress from Here Install apache2 and mysql Start apache2 and mysql service Configure Database for wordpres in mysql Configure worpress[…] Continue reading

Ettercap Dns Spoofing

In this Video I will show Ettercap Dns Spoofing. I have have used apache2 server.   Step 1: you need to install Ettercap if you haven’t installed it : sudo apt-get install ettercap-text-only Setup 2: Configure etter.conf Setup 3: Configure etter.dns (Watch the video for configuration) Setup 4: For Latest[…] Continue reading

Hide volumes icon from desktop kali linux and Ubuntu

Hide volumes icon from desktop kali linux and Ubuntu In this tutorial I will show you how to hide mounted volume icon from desktop. If you have more volumes you desktop will be full of volumes icon. So i know it something related to desktop and i also know about[…] Continue reading