Raspberry pi Controlling Led

  Raspberry pi Controlling Led In this tutorial will show you how to control a Led using raspberry pi. The language used is Python. How to install RPi.GPIO module for python. Explanation of Led. Explanation of breadboard. Explanation of RPi.GPIO python module. Click here to download Rpi.GPIO module In the[…] Continue reading

Raspberry pi Update and Upgrade

Raspberry pi Update and Upgrade In this Tutorial I am going to show you how you can update and upgrade your Raspberry pi and install some important packages. Command used in this video: sudo apt-get update // for update sudo apt-get upgrade // for upgrade sudo rpi-update //for Raspberry pi[…] Continue reading

Raspberry pi Expanding Filesystem

Raspberry pi Expanding Filesystem In this Tutorial I will show you how you can expand File system in the Raspberry pi. Open terminal ssh to you raspberry pi: ssh pi@your-pi-ip and then provide the password. Type sudo raspi-config, follow the steps. Fore more details watch the video. Command Used in[…] Continue reading

Raspberry pi Raspbian OS Installation and ssh

I am starting a New Series called “Raspberry pi  hack”. In the series I will teach you about Raspberry pi. In this tutorials i am going to show you how to install Raspbain operating sytem to the micsrosd card and ssh to your raspberry pi.  Watch the video for more[…] Continue reading