Grub Background Change

Grub Background Change After reading this article you will able to change the Grub Background. Open Terminal and type : “sudo vi /etc/default/grub” without quotes and press enter. you will see something like this pic. Now press ‘i’ for insert. Go to the red marked in figure and add: GRUB_BACKGROUND=’path/of-your/image’[…] Continue reading

Google BeatBOX

Google BeatBox Google Translate’s pronunciations may or may not impress you, but the thing’s got some beatboxing skills. Reddit user harrichr notes a fun result: Click this to Listen Beatbox This will take you to Goolge translate page. you need to click on speaker icon to Listen.

HardDisk Temperature

HardDisk Temerature In this article will show you how you can read your HardDisk Temperature if your hard disk has inbuilt temperature sensor. Hddtem is a tool that will help you to read the HardDisk Temperature . hddtemp will give you the temperature of your hard drive by reading Self-Monitoring[…] Continue reading

Cpu Temperature

Cpu Tmperature: In this article will show you how you can read your Cpu Temperature. step 1: you need to open your terminal type “cd /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0″ without quotes and press enter. step 2: cat temp you will see five digit number. this is not in correct format .The first two[…] Continue reading