Top 10 Hacking Tool

Top 10 Hacking Tool Welcome To Hackaholic. In this video I have discussed about some of the Hacking tools that I often use. so i wanted to share with you guys. There are lots of hacking tools out there but what I think one should at least know about this[…] Continue reading

PIR Motion Detection Sensor

PIR Motion Detection Sensor Welcome To Hackaholic and this is Raspberry pi Hack Series. In this video I will show you how to use PIR motion detection sensor. How PIR Motion detection Sensor Works. When it Detects the motion in the environment, the out pin value changes from low to[…] Continue reading

Bruteforce Login Page Using Hydra

Bruteforce Login Page Using Hydra In This video I will show you how to perform Bruteforce attack on Login pages using Hydra. Hydra is very powerful and efficient tool for bruteforce attack. Some Other useful Bruteforce attack using Hydra: Install Hydra : Email Account Bruteforce: ssh Bruteforce attack:[…] Continue reading

WordPress Installation On Ubuntu

  WordPress Installation On Ubuntu In This Video i am going to show you how to install WordPress on Ubuntu.   Summary of Installation: Watch full video for Details Download WordPress from Here Install apache2 and mysql Start apache2 and mysql service Configure Database for wordpres in mysql Configure worpress[…] Continue reading

Ettercap Dns Spoofing

In this Video I will show Ettercap Dns Spoofing. I have have used apache2 server.   Step 1: you need to install Ettercap if you haven’t installed it : sudo apt-get install ettercap-text-only Setup 2: Configure etter.conf Setup 3: Configure etter.dns (Watch the video for configuration) Setup 4: For Latest[…] Continue reading

Raspberry pi Controlling DC Motor

In this video i will show you how to Control DC Motor using Raspberry pi. Python Code to Control DC Motor: import sys import time import RPi.GPIO as gpio gpio.setwarnings(False) gpio.setmode(gpio.BOARD) gpio.setup(7,gpio.OUT) gpio.output(7,1) gpio.setup(8,gpio.OUT) gpio.setup(10,gpio.OUT) try: while True: gpio.output(8,1) gpio.output(10,0) time.sleep(5) gpio.output(8,0) gpio.output(10,1) time.sleep(5) gpio.output(8,0) gpio.output(10,0) time.sleep(3) except KeyboardInterrupt: gpio.cleanup()[…] Continue reading