Connect Android Device in Kali Linux and Ubuntu

Connect Android Device in Kali Linux and Ubuntu

In this article I will show you how to connect your Android Device to Kali Linux and Ubuntu.
For Ubuntu user use “sudo” before each command.
Step 1: open terminal and type “apt-get install libusb-dev”
Step 2: Go to Here to Download Latest libmtp. When Downloaded, Open terminal and go to path where it Downloaded and then type “tar -zxvf libmtp-x.y.z.tar.gz” .Replace x,y,z with the version number you downloaded in my case its 1.1.8 .so my command will look like tar -zxvf libmtp-1.1.8.tar.gz” then “cd libmtp-1.1.8”

Step 3: ./configure


Step 3: make

Step 4: make install

Step 5: cp 69-libmtp.rules /etc/udev/rules.d


Step 6: apt-get install gmtp
Now Installation part is Done,
In kali Linux go to Application->Sound & Video->gMTP
In Ubuntu Click on Dash and type gmtp
if you want to open through Terminal , open terminal and type gmtp
When it opens connect your Android Device through USB and click on Connect on gMTP gui

Enjoy Transferring your Files ………

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  1. Thanks you.Nice tuto

  2. Thx !!! Very helps me ! Very nice tuto !

  3. Hello Hackholic,
    Thank for your post.
    I can use gMTP now.I wanna know i can share my internet connection from kali linux ( laptop ) to android ( xperia z3 D6653 ) .
    another way to share my internet connection from kali to xperia z3 .
    advice me , please.

  4. unable to locate gmtp why ?

  5. gmtp tells raw device not found when I press the connect button in the gMtp application. Can you help me?

  6. hello i have reached till make
    but it gives an error like
    make: *** Noo targets specified and no files found. Stop.

  7. noraw device found

  8. gnome-tweak-tool (< 3.21.91) but is to be installed

  9. i installed 1.1.8 from sourceforge and “69-libmtp.rules” not found

  10. Hey guys, i appreciate your work. However the ability to transfer files is not given fully. i do not see any files on my android, but only the existing folders + i can not drop files, because i do not see them on my pc either.
    Anyone familiar with this?

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