1. nice post keep it up dude

  2. It doesn’t work. First, the files should be in /var/www/html to open correctly(not in /var/www/) and 2nd, when you write something in the form, it gives next.php just as a blank page and saves nothing to passwordfb.txt. Can you explain why this happens? Also, when page login_error.html is open, Chrome gives phishing warning.

    • are you using apache2?, the method i shown its works perfectly. I have done it millions times.

      • It works now, thanks. Still wondering how it worked. I made it almost the same as yours. First I created a duplicate of Facebook login page and named it index.html. Then the php file(but with gedit). I didn’t make the login error page, I just used another location in the php file and it worked. Maybe this page was the problem, seems like browser security prevents it from opening, because when I open it myself with Chrome it gives a “phishing warning”.
        Yes, I’ve installed apache2 and it required all files to be in /var/www/html not just /var/www/. Also, I didn’t make a text file for passwords, the php script created it by itself. That’s it.

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        Thank You.

  3. Does this work only on Linux?I have a windows and I really want to hack someone’s account. D:

  4. Link to what ur using
    what is it command prompt or terminal or your own program?

  5. Hello i am stuck, can anybody help me?
    When i type ‘service apache2 start’,
    nothing happens. Plz help me.

  6. When i open ‘vi next.php’ There is no text inside even after i tried it after downloading the file from your website

  7. Apache default page is open….how to get rid of it.

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