Grub Background Change

Grub Background Change

After reading this article you will able to change the Grub Background.
Open Terminal and type : “sudo vi /etc/default/grub” without quotes and press enter. you will see something like this pic.
Grub Background Change
Now press ‘i’ for insert. Go to the red marked in figure and add:
Now press esc then ‘:x’ then enter. This configuration is saved now.
Now in terminal Type “sudo update-grub” to update your grub for latest changes. it will loook like this pic.
Grub Background Change
Now reboot your system to see the awesome Background of your choice. Mine is this one:
Grub Background Change
Heath Ledger Joker pic:

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  1. Cool thanks!
    What image so you use for your terminal background? 🙂

  2. Please contact me I would like to use one of your pics one my web page but need a higher resolution and your blessing. It’s the one that says “Welcome Hacker” in terminal art. We are a corp dedicated to making the internet a hostile environment for those that choose to exploit our children. Your pic captures our core values!!

    Currently we have a micro temp site we are building for our investors to look at while our full sight is being built by the pros. This pic goes beyond perfect and we would be honored to use it.

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