Hack Windows Password

Hack Windows Password

In this Video I am going to show you how to reset windows login password if you forget your windows login password.

Step 1: Burn Any Linux operating system to DVD or make then pendrive bootable. eg Ubuntu, Redhat, Fedora, Kali Linux. In this Video I am Using Kali Linux.
Step 2: Shoutdown Windows 8 operating system, by Holding “Shift key”, Means Hold “shift key”first then click on shutdown or restart, to disable fast boot. Now insert the dvd or usb.
Step 3: Now when Linux is Opened go to the Drive when Windows is installed. Browse to Windows->System32.
Step 4: Search for Utilman.exe and rename it “Utilman1.exe”.
Step 5: Now search for cmd.exe, Copy cmd.exe and paste it. you will find cmd(copy).exe, rename it to “Utilman.exe”. Now Restart the system, remove Dvd or usb.
Step 6: When you see windows login screen Click on “Ease of access”, when you click on “Ease of access” you will get command prompt.
Step 7: to see all user type “net user”. Choose the user name for which you want to change windows login password.
then type “net user username *” and press Enter (replace username with your computer username). Give a new password twice, it will give you message Command completed successfully.
Enjoy Password Changed, user your new password to login.

Other Method To Hack windows Password:

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  1. Can I ask why Windows file protection didn’t spot the fact that you had altered utilman.exe to something else??? CRC/size checking?

  2. April 2018, just got my friend into his daughters laptop who forgot her pw

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