Java Plugin Install for Linux

Java Plugin Install for Linux

Most of you have faced problem in installing java and enabling plugins in Linux, thats why you landed here. I will show you step by step instruction to install java and enable java plugin for Mozilla browser.
step 1: Download java for your system (i.e for 32 bit or 64 bit machine) Download java
Java Plugin Install for Linux
step 2: Open Terminal and go to path where java is downloaded. In my case its downloaded to ~/Downloads. so cd ~/Downloads
step 3: now we will create directory called ‘java’ in /usr.
sudo mkdir /usr/java
step 4: Now we will move ‘jre…tar.gz’ to ‘/usr/java’.
sudo mv <JRE>…tar.gz /usr/java
Go to ‘/usr/java’ directory
cd /usr/java
step 5: We will extract now
sudo tar -zxvf <JRE>…tar.gz

The plugin file for Linux is located here:
32 bit: /usr/java/<JRE>/lib/i386/
64 bit: /usr/java/<JRE>/lib/amd64/

step 6: Now installing java plugin for mozilla. Create a symbolic link to the Java Plugin in the Firefox plugins directory.
Open terminal follow these instructions
cd ~/.mozilla
ls To check plugins directory is present or not.
if plugins directory is not created.
mkdir plugins
cd plugins
sudo ln -s /usr/java/<JRE>/lib/<amd64|i386>/ .
step 7: Restart Firefox Browser.
step 6: Verify java here
Java Plugin Install for Linux

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