Some Information about Rat:

A remote administration tool (RAT) is a piece of software that allows a remote “operator” to control a system as if he has physical access to that system. While desktop sharing and remote administration have many legal uses, “RAT” software is usually associated with criminal or malicious activity. Malicious RAT software is typically installed without the victim’s knowledge, often as payload of a Trojan horse, and will try to hide its operation from the victim and from security software.

The operator controls the RAT through a network connection. Such tools provide an operator the following capabilities:

  • Screen/camera capture or image control
  • File management (download/upload/execute/etc.)
  • Shell control (from command prompt)
  • Computer control (power off/on/log off if remote feature is supported)
  • Registry management (query/add/delete/modify)
  • Hardware Destroyer (overclocker)
  • Other software product-specific functions

Its primary function is for one computer operator to gain access to remote PCs. One computer will run the “client” software application, while the other computer(s) operate as the “host(s)”.


ProRat Demo Video

Note: This Video is Only for educational purpose, for any Illegal Hackaholic will not be held Responsible.

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  1. Firstly, Thanx very much for your outstanding videos and training. You have taken me from being curious to fully involved with this hacking thing.
    I have a part that I am not 100% sure how to do it currently.

    Curious how you build your server and then hid the virus(Chcange the exe to another format) in a email and send it to someones pc.

  2. please put download link

  3. pls can you build it for me i will pay

  4. Mate i got trojan horse backdoor

  5. trojan backdoor virus

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