Raspberry pi Raspbian OS Installation and ssh

Raspberry pi raspbian os installation and ssh

I am starting a New Series called “Raspberry pi  hack”. In the series I will teach you about Raspberry pi.

In this tutorials i am going to show you how to install Raspbain operating sytem to the micsrosd card and ssh to your raspberry pi.  Watch the video for more details.

    Important Command Used in the video:

  • To list all Hard drive and pendrive connected to the system . “sudo fdisk -l”
  • Installation of Raspbain os to microsd card. “sudo dd bs=1M if=’path-of-raspbian-image’ of=’path-of-sdcard’
  • To see progress how much data is copied to sdcard. “sudo pkill -USR1 -x -n dd”
  • Install nmap. “sudo apt-get install nmap”
  • To see ur ip of system. “ifconfig”
  • To scan all live host in network. “sudo nmap -sn router-ip/24”. replace router-ip wiht your router ip address
  • Install openssh-client. “sudo apt-get install openssh-client”
  • ssh to raspberry pi. “ssh pi@raspberry-pi-ip”. Replace raspberry-pi-ip wiht your raspberry pi IP address
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