Red Hat Subscription Manager

Red Hat Subscription Manager

Red Hat Subscription Manager
Red Hat Subscription Management allows users to track their subscription quantity and consumption.

Using Subscription Management commands

Type man subscription-manager or run subscription-manager with no options to see the syntax for the command.

Registering and Subscribing

# subscription-manager register --username=yourusername --password=yourpassword
The system has been registered with id: 231c3a37-8e14-449c-a232-3de2d5c8fa8a

To list which subscriptions are available for your registered Red Hat account, type the following:
# subscription-manager list --available

To automatically choose and consume a subscription after the system is registered, type the following:
# subscription-manager attach --auto

Instead of automatically choosing a subscription, after you list available subscriptions, consume a particular subscription by entering its pool ID as follows:
# subscription-manager attach --pool=7b64f895519e98de4138735cea132a

To see what subscriptions have been consumed on your system, run the following:
# subscription-manager list --consumed

Unregistering a system
# subscription-manager remove --all
# subscription-manager unregister
# subscription-manager clean

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