Server using python

Server using python.

Python modue SimpleHTTPServer will let to make any directory to server. Just open terminal and go to that directory and type “python -m SimpleHTTPServer” without quotes.NOW your current directory is server.

Now you can browse you directory in web browser by typing “localhost:8000” without quotes or “local-ip:8000”.
Server using python

NOTE:any other person on same network can also see your files so be careful before using it .

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  1. Looking So Cool…good Work…:) its Work perfectly..!!!!!!!

  2. Balachandar thanks for you support
    stay tuned 🙂

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  4. dear brother if we create server than for what we can use it

  5. how to take it down after i finish what i need ?

  6. “root@kali:/home/alpha/Pictures# python -m SimpleHTTPServe
    /usr/bin/python: No module named SimpleHTTPServe”
    how to download the module ? i just updated my python a few hours ago

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