Steal Victim IP Address


In this Video I will show you how to steal victim IP address. Here I am using Kali Linux.

First we have to install apache server and php5. We need to configure the server and php5.

Watch the video for more detail.


Script to stealĀ  Victim IP Address: Copy this script and save it to /var/www as happy.php

<title>hello world</title>
<body background="happy.jpg">
<center><h3>Welcome to Hackaholic</h3></center>
$ipaddress = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];
$detect="=> ip=$ipaddress\n";

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  1. Great Work!
    I m just a beginner (zero level :)) in hacking, so this video is very instructive for me. TY

    • to know your ip in windows
      open RUN by pressing windows+R
      and then type ipconfig
      there you can see your ip address
      if you are using linux then open terminal and type ifconfig to see your ip
      hope my answer help you!

  2. is this will work if i send this online to my friends?

    will i change the ip address if in case i send this live online?

  3. When you click on ”service apache2 start” , you get some text. But when i click on ”service apache 2 start” , i do not get any text.

    When i do the things you are doing , i do not get a website. So something is going wrong but what?

  4. awesome
    but how to get victim’s ip adresse without get in touch

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