Bluetooth setup Raspberry pi


Bluetooth setup Raspberry pi In this video you will learn how to setup bluetooth in raspberry pi using command line. You will be able to pair the bluetooth devices. Watch the video carefully to understand each step. Please give a like to my video and comment for any question. From[…] Continue reading

PIR Motion Detection Sensor

PIR Motion Detection Sensor Welcome To Hackaholic and this is Raspberry pi Hack Series. In this video I will show you how to use PIR motion detection sensor. How PIR Motion detection Sensor Works. When it Detects the motion in the environment, the out pin value changes from low to[…] Continue reading

Raspberry pi LCD Mount

Raspberry pi LCD Mount In this video I will show you how to mount 16×2 LCD on Raspberry pi.   LCD Pin To raspberry pi GPIO Connection: LCD PIN Connection to GPIO Pins Vss 1 Connect to Ground pin (6) Vcc 2 Conncet to 5V pin (2) Vee 3 Connect[…] Continue reading

Raspberry pi Controlling DC Motor

In this video i will show you how to Control DC Motor using Raspberry pi. Python Code to Control DC Motor: import sys import time import RPi.GPIO as gpio gpio.setwarnings(False) gpio.setmode(gpio.BOARD) gpio.setup(7,gpio.OUT) gpio.output(7,1) gpio.setup(8,gpio.OUT) gpio.setup(10,gpio.OUT) try: while True: gpio.output(8,1) gpio.output(10,0) time.sleep(5) gpio.output(8,0) gpio.output(10,1) time.sleep(5) gpio.output(8,0) gpio.output(10,0) time.sleep(3) except KeyboardInterrupt: gpio.cleanup()[…] Continue reading

Raspberry pi Remote Desktop Xrdp

Raspberry pi Remote Desktop Xrdp In this video I will you how to remote desktop raspberry pi. I am using xrdp and rdesktop. In raspberry pi Installation xrdp: sudo apt-get install xrdp In your Linux system: sudo apt-get install rdesktop. rdesktop will be used to connect raspberry pi using rdp.[…] Continue reading